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ECH JEWELRY is a luxury company based in Barcelona, Spain.
The founder, Elena Chernyavskaya, draws inspiration from the intersection of contemporary art and jewelry engineering, creating unique designs.

ECH JEWELRY collection is based on assembling sets: each piece can be worn solo, or it can become a more complex jewelry configuration thanks to a special ECH screw system and a wide range of connectors and removable decorative pieces.

The owners decide how to configure their jewelry piece: to keep it simple and minimalistic or to create fancy, eye-catching desig

ECH Screw System

The ECH screw system consists of a base, a hexagon, and screws — all made of surgical steel.

The system allows mounting — easily and reliably — decorative elements on the basic jewelry pieces, thereby creating new jewelry configurations.
Surgical steel is more resistant to mechanical damage than gold and provides a snug fit of decorative elements and also does not cause allergic reactions.
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ECH JEWELRY Collection

ECH JEWELRY collection consists of simple jewelry pieces and of wide range of connectors, removable decorative figures and semi- precious stones. Mixing them all together the owner can create an Infinite number of jewelry configurations, changing their jewelry piece according to the outfit, mood or occasion.

Simple jewelry pieces

rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces

Connectors & figures

Removable decorative pieces


semiprecious stones

Infinite number of jewelry configurations


ECH JEWELRY engages its clients in co-creation: inspiring and pushing them to invent new jewelry configurations; making them become co-designers of their own jewelry pieces, making these become a reflection of their personality.

Our clients decide how to configure their jewelry piece: to keep it simple and minimalistic or to create fancy, eye-catching designs.

Simple earring +

Simple rings +

Simple rings +
semiprecious gemstones

Simple ring + insect +
semiprecious gemstone

Provocative Design

ECH JEWELRY is experimenting with the concept of beauty by going beyond the generally accepted standards. The brand creates jewelry to encourage its clients to rethink the role of beauty and to abandon the usual aesthetic stereotypes.

The ECH JEWELRY Collection is inspired by the world of insects, but not by the traditionally-accepted-as-beautiful butterflies, but by those usually seen as ugly and disgusting. Flies and cockroaches, executed with stunning hyperrealism, evoke strong emotions, and leave no one indifferent. Creatures traditionally considered ugly become pieces of art.

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