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ECH JEWELRY provides the pieces, you create your jewels!

ECH JEWELRY presents a collection of luxury, modular and restless jewelry, made up of different lines of Bases and a wide range of Icons.

Immerse yourself in the experience of combining different elements to design unique pieces with your talent… creating sets of jewels everywhere, linking a Base jewel with infinite Icons (Insects, Gems and Links).

The Key to the jewel is the soul that unites them all… it is not magic, it is science… precious stones, honest diamonds, fine gold, at your service!


If you are here, you have already chosen your Base jewelry (ring, earring, bracelet or bracelet). Now, how do you like it better,… in white gold or in black gold,… and what size?


Of all the Gems, Links and Insects, which one do you think will enhance your essence the most?


… and your jewelry set is ready!

ECH JEWELRY provides the pieces, you create your jewels.

Each ECH jewel is made exclusively for you, with meticulousness and obsession for detail. You will be duly informed of the production status of your jewel by our consultant.
Free shipping on all domestic and international orders made in collaboration with a leading company in the industry to ensure optimal delivery.
In the creation of its packaging, ECH is inspired by artistic, geometric and structured pieces with great comfort and style for your jewelry, creating emblematic jewelry boxes. The design optimises packaging materials, reducing and minimising their environmental impact.

We are passionate about our craft and have a deep respect for it. We are honored by your trust and we are the kind of people who set no limits on perfection.

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